Joy and the Maker Movement


I recently read and article about fostering joy in students and the positive effect it has on their learning. Not surprisingly students experience joy when they are able to meet a challenge after given a series of lessons that involve active and engaged effort. Likewise, joy in learning occurs when students are given the freedom to work at their own pace, to determine how they want to learn, participate in play through their learning and finally collaborate and share what they learned with their peers. Most teachers know that if their students feel safe and happy in the classroom then they are more likely to be motivated and learn from not only their teacher, but each other. As I was reading the article I could not help but think of the maker movement and how it promotes all of these things (and more!). My colleagues and I are in the middle of transforming our traditional tech lab into an innovation space and even the small changes that we have made so far have elicited enthusiasm from our students. I can’t wait until next school year when it is officially complete and ready for tinkering!


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