Making for Educators Week 2: Makey-Makey

This week was Makey-Makey week and I have to admit that this is one I have been looking forward to the most. I have not used Makey-Makey with my students yet, but my colleague did a week long summer camp class and it was a great success. Our challenge this week was to combine Makey-Makey with Scratch and design a project that we could incorporate into our curriculum. I started thinking about my second grade students and their fractured fairy tale unit that they do mid school year. Normally they come to the tech lab and illustrate their covers and pages for their stories. I would love to expand on it and have them design a story or game using Scratch that uses the characters from their fractured fairy tales. They can then use Makey-Makey to navigate through their Scratch programs. I designed a very simple version of what this could look like using the theme of Dusty Locks and the Three Horses.



I then hooked up Makey-Makey with a few bananas and before I knew it with the click of a banana Dusty Locks was having a conversation with the three horses.



As I was brainstorming and reflecting on the different projects I do with my students throughout the year I started thinking about my first graders when they participate in International Dot Day. We would create dots in Pixie and then import them into Scratch so that we can use Makey-Makey with them. The students could even make “squishy” dots to connect to their Scratch projects. Stay tuned for more Makey-Makey photos as I will be using it in one of my summer school classes this week and I look forward to the ideas my students will come up with!

For more Makey-Makey inspiration and resources please visit



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