Making for Educators Week 1: Squishy Circuits

I just started a 6 week Making for Educators symposium and it is off to a great start. They introduced squishy circuits and we spent the week making homemade conductive and insulating dough and experimenting using the dough to connect components such as: battery packs, LED lights, buzzers and motors. The best part about the project was that my 7 year old son was immediately drawn to what I was doing and all but took over the design and creation of the different squishy circuit projects. We had so much fun together!

Here is what my son and I learned:

First we made the conductive and insulating dough. Big decision- what color should we make our dough?!


Now that we have our dough ready what should we make first?

A Flower

A Flower

We quickly discovered that we could not make all of lights work with our first design so we went back to the drawing board.

These lights worked- hurray!

These lights worked- hurray!

Next up- what animal should we make?

A horse of course

A horse of course

And we all know that a horse is not complete without a tail that lights up.

Finally we made a squishy pig:


We had so much fun and I can’t wait to introduce this to my students next year!

Squishy face

Squishy face


For those of you that are not familiar with squishy circuits check out these two resources:

Squishy Circuits at University of St. Thomas

Super Awesome Sylvia Show


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