Summer PD and Toolbox Building

May is the time of year for me when I can reflect on the school year and think about the skills I would like to add to my teaching toolbox (there are so many!). I have a few professional development opportunities lined up this summer that I am really excited about.

The start of summer is marked for me by the ISTE conference. Last year was my first time attending ISTE and I was blown away not only at the size of the conference but by all of the sessions offerred. I have never wanted so badly to be able to clone myself and be in 10 different places at once. I have started filling up my conference planner for this year and am pleased that I have been able to narrow down my interests and be more specific and intentional about what I want to take away from the conference. I am most excited to attend a full-day workshop on augmented reality in the classroom!

My next venture will be a six week online Making for Educators symposium. Each week after a Google Hangout we will be asked to make something with different materials from clay and  textiles to electronics and programming. We will document our progress, successes and failures and share them with our D.I.T. (Do It Together) community! I am loving the latest “maker” trend that is happening now in schools and can’t wait to be inspired by others with lesson plan ideas. I am even thinking about starting a maker club at school! I also just started reading Invent to Learn by Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager which offers wonderful insights into nurturing creative expression in students.

Finally, I will be attending Playdate LA on August 17. It will be a perfect way to end the summer and prepare for the upcoming school year. Playdate LA will be geared for those that want to explore things they have heard about and simply is an excuse for educators to play with technology! See below for the teaser video and think about joining us!


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